Reduce Cholesterol Levels

Getting your arteries cleaned with the help of oat bran


In recent case studies conducted by some of the top most medical agencies of the world, it was found that bran helps in reducing cholesterol levels.

But, don't expect miracles. It makes only a little difference! But it does work! Moreover , you can trust oat bran as one of healthy foods if you have heart problems because eating this kind of food will not add to the problem.

Experts believe that even a moderate amount can bring a big difference. So they have advised more people to eat things like Oat bran which has more fiber in it.

Add VITAMIN C supplements to your diet

It has been proven again and again that vitamin c does wonders to reduce risk of heart problems. So take more supplements related to Vitamin C to help reducing cholesterol levels.

Vit c helps liver to break down the bile acids.

Note: Oat bran is not a good source of Vitamin C.

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