Is oat bran Low Glycemic Index?

In his book, Dukan diet Dr Pierre Dukan advocates eating Oat bran to help in reducing weight. Oat bran is a low glycemic index food.

Glycemic index of Oat Bran is 50 (medium)

What is glycemic index

Low Glycemic index is a term used by people who want to lose weight to ascertain the speed by which a food increases the sugar levels in the bloodstream.

Most diet programs suggest that eating foods with high glycemic index is not good for health. High glycemic foods increase blood sugar levels very quickly and increase the conversion of sugar into fats.

Most of the diet programs advocate eating foods like Oat bran which have low glycemic index.

Some Examples of other Low Glycemic Foods

Frozen Green Peas 39
Lettuce 10
Green Beans 15
Red Peppers 10
Mushrooms 10
Tomatoes 15
Chillies 10
Onions 10
Boiled Carrots 41
Eggplant/Aubergine 15
Broccoli 10
Cauliflower 15
Cabbage 10
Frozen Sweet Corn 47
Raw Carrots 16

High glycemic foods

polished rice
white wheat bread


If you want to lose weight then Oat Bran is safe to be eaten as a low glycemic index food. It can be a good snack and an alternative to unhealthy snack like Pizza (which has a white bread base).

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