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Priyankeshu Parihar
Hello, I am an avid reader and past student of  Nutrition Certificate from IGNOU National Open University Delhi,
I maintain this website to share experiences and success stories of people who use Oat Bran.

So if you like you can send your experience with Oats and i will be happy to share them on my blog!
We will also share success stories of people who have been consuming this wonderful cereal with the bran.

Over the years Oat Bran has helped people in losing weight.
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Oat bran is becoming popular nutrition supplement for people who want to gain good health and increase metabolism. It helps people in losing weight and gaining good heart health by reducing bad cholesterol in the blood.


Here you will find detailed information about Oat Bran and why bran is more beneficial to health. Yes, oat bran is one of the most beneficial food as the bran has more fiber and nutrition that helps older men and women to reduce cholesterol and weight!.

It can be used in a variety of ways right from making a bread to be used in the pancakes and muffins. Rolled oats can be used in a variety of foods with its crunchy taste it is loved by the kids as well.

Before you start... eating oat bran you must learn about its properties and qualities. There are different situations and ways you can consume Oat Bran.

The credit of Oat Bran's popularity goes to Dr Pierre Dukan Where he advocates using it in your diet.

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Disclaimer and privacy policy

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